Get Your Project Back on Track

We uncover the root cause of why your NetSuite implementation failure, fix the issues, and help your company get back on track

Comprehensive Assessment & Recovery

NetSuite is the most used cloud ERP system in the world.

A failed NetSuite implementation means that the issue is not the system but rather how it was implemented.

If you’re experiencing any of the following since your NetSuite implementation started, it’s time for a second opinion:

Multiple missed deadlines

Low rate of user adoption

High volume of support tickets

Project is over budget

Poor rapport with your current provider

Lack of ERP strategy

Few things are as frustrating as investing significant time, money, and resources into a project that fails – we get it.

We’ve helped many companies, like yours, rescue their NetSuite implementation and maximize their return on investment.

The Viking Difference


We use a structured approach to recover the implementation. We quickly assess the current state and suggest next steps.


Viking Resources uses experienced consultants with extensive practical experience.

Clever Solutions

Since we have extensive experience with NetSuite we understand that problems can be solved in different ways. Throughout the engagement with use this knowledge to embrace clever solutions that will work in real life.

NetSuite Rescue & Recovery
for Life Science Companies

Viking Resources works with companies at all stages to rescue a failed NetSuite implementation and help them recover their investment.

We work with companies in all industries, but we specialize in life science companies.

A successful NetSuite recovery that brings real business values requires technical expertise and a solid understanding of your business and industry.

Our Rescue & Recovery Process

Viking Resources provide the technical know-how, strategy, processes, and empathy necessary to get your project back on track – and to even exceed your expectations.

Your NetSuite project is in good hands with Viking Resources.

Lead with experience

We have likely experienced what you are seeing. We take the time to really understand your goals, and we leverage our extensive experience to help you get there.

Comprehensive Assessment

We perform a complete assessment of your current state of the implementation to identify the issues, bottlenecks, and risks

Identify Root Cause

We analyze the root cause of the issues we uncover to ensure that they get resolved once and for all.

Create Rescue Plan

We collaborate with the relevant stakeholders at your company to create a rescue and implementation plan.

Implement Clever Solutions

We design and implement a solutions that works for your organization.

Ongoing Support

We are here for you well beyond the go-live date. We offer ongoing support to ensure that NetSuite will continue to work well for you.

Partner with
Viking Resources

We are process-driven and have a streamlined approach for our work – saving you time, hassle, and money.

Partner with us to get your NetSuite project back on track.

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